Bald Uakari Red Faced Stalker

Scary Animal The Bald Uakari more like red faced stalker

Yet another scary animal.  It’s the Bald Uakari or as I like to call him the Red Faced Stalker.     Read More »

Strange and Scary animals 1 Cock of the rock

Strange Animals You’ve Never Seen

Cock of the Rock… yeah.  Not a very flattering name at all is it. This bird has beautiful colors but   Read More »

Scary Animal Blobfish

Scary Animal Blobfish Photo

What makes this photo Scary?  It’s a real fish, that’s what. Amazingly, this is not a photoshop creation. This is   Read More »

Deadly Box Jelly Fish

Deadly Box Jelly Fish Scary Animal

One of the most deadly Jelly fish on the planet is the Box Jelly Fish. Photograph by David Doubilet     Read More »

Scary Animal Squid with Teeth

Squid with a human mouth Promachoteuthis sulcus

This creepy Squid looks like it could bite your finger clean off.  One of the Many Scary Sea Creatures.  Don’t   Read More »

Jerusalem Cricket Alien

Alien Cricket or Jerusalem Cricket

This is a Jerusalem Cricket looks like an Alien Bug from another Planet.  Oh, and they stink! They have incredibly powerful jaws

Photo of Gharial

Have you ever seen a Gharial

You probably have never seen a Gharial (A fish eating Crocodile) These scary animals are Critically Endangered and found in India. Photo by   Read More »

Goliath birdeater Spider

Goliath birdeater Spider

Photo Credit the SnakeCollector Goliath Birdeater Spiders are creepy looking (unless you are one of those super freaks who like   Read More »

Basking Shark Picture

Scary Animals Basking Shark

Look at this Beast.  This Basking Shark is the second largest fish known to Man. This Basking Shark is a   Read More »

Worlds Ugliest Dog

Worlds ugliest dog very scary looking dog

Worlds Ugliest Dog.  Only the Owner Could love this poor unfortunate dog.  He could have been an extra in a   Read More »