Scary Dog Attack

Scary Dog Attack

Scary Dog Attack Photo   Dog attack?  This certainly qualifies as a Scary Animal.

Scary Bat

Best Bat Photo Capture Ever

Look at the Teeth on this Bat.  Wow!  Photo credit FurryScalyman Scary Bat Photo

Scary White Aligator

Scary White Alligator Photo

500 Pound White Scary White Alligator.   White Alligators are often erroneously called Albino Alligators.   White Alligators are very rare and do not   Read More »

Striking Bright Green Snake

Striking Bright Green Snake Pit Viper

Striking Bright Green Snake. One scary Snake.  Commonly known as the Gumprecht’s green pit viper.

Scary Vampire Bat

Scary Vampire Bats?

 Scary Vampire Bats I am not a fan of bats.  This one Looks like a Blood Sucking Vampire

Scary Spiders Brazilian Wondering Spider

Scary Spiders Brazilian Wandering Spider

  Making the Scary Spiders List is the Brazilian Wandering Spider In General Spiders do not frighten me, but there   Read More »

Scary Animals Star Nosed Mole

Scary Looking Star Nosed Mole

Scary Animal Star Nosed Mole. Yikes, this is one creepy looking mole.  Star Nosed Moles use their nose as a   Read More »

Scary Indian Bull Frog

Scary Indian Bullfrog

  Indian Bullfrog Makes the Scary Animal list. Odd and Strange looking Frog.

Ulgy Animal

Ugly Animals So Ugly they are scary

  Disturbing and Hideous.  Here we have a Naked Mole Rat.   One of the Top Ugly Animals of all   Read More »


Scary Aye Aye

Scary Animal Aye Aye This Baby Aye Aye, is Not Cute and would scare me to death if I ran   Read More »